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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m not sure if these sessions are for me. Who do you cater for?

Finding you: I'm not just a mum! Tools for motherhood.

If you are exhausted, feeling lost, unsure who you are, low self confidence in your role as a mother, not enjoying some aspect of motherhood, caught up in the daily grind of motherhood and feel like you don’t have time for you anymore, then our Finding you: I'm not just a mum! workshop series is for you.  Finding you: I'm not just a mum! workshop series is for:

  • Mums of all ages

  • Mums with multiple children of various ages

  • Mums experiencing anger, frustration, confusion, overwhelm, worry, and/or guilt

  • Mums who have challenges with their children such as sleep, colic, reflux, adjustment to kinder/childcare, tantrums, anxiety etc

  • Mums who feel like they have lost their identity

  • Mums who may have experienced (or be experiencing) a level of anxiety or depression

  • Mums who want help implementing self-care,  self-compassion, mindfulness, growth mindset, positivity, and strategies for managing the daily juggle

Managing Big Emotions

We understand that being a parent is hard and often unrelenting, exhausting and draining. It is often difficult to know how to support our children when they are struggling with tantrums and meltdowns, this series teaches strategies you can practice to help your child navigate their big emotions (fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, worry). As a busy parent you have limited time, concentration and attention span to take in new information. That's why we have 1-hour sessions to bring you practical skills to help manage feelings of frustration and overwhelm. If you are noticing within yourself signs of aggression (irritability, frustration, easily annoyed, yelling, screaming, fighting) or passive aggression (giving the silent treatment, being cynical or sarcastic) or if most days you feel overwhelmed, defeated, teary, or distressed by day-to-day life then this 3-part series is for you.  

Goal Setting Series

Our three-part series was designed to be accessible for most people wanting to set a goal and make a change in their life. We keep the session numbers low to ensure each person is given individual attention to really solidify the goal they want to achieve. We do not prescribe the goal; each client chooses their own goal which makes sense given their life circumstances. We do provide a step-by-step guide to planning and implementing your chosen goal. We also discuss how to nurture your mindset for change. We also help you tackle roadblocks which are bound to come up as you work towards your goal, in this way we aim to set you up for long term success. If you are unsure if this series is right for you, please contact us to discuss.  

Why would a group workshop be beneficial?

These days we don’t all have a village anymore, so we need to create our own. Our workshops provide an intimate, nurturing environment where you are surrounded by other people who are going through the same thing you are and you are guided by two people who are qualified both professionally and with life experience. Our workshops are small in participant number so that each client feels that they are listened to and able to participate fully in the conversations. 

Each session is hands on with practical skills that you can go away and use day to day.  Each week we encourage reflection on the helpfulness of the previous skill and any barriers that might pop up so you are supported as you make changes. You can learn more about the different workshops we offer here.

I am worried about being emotional in front of others. How do you deal with this in the sessions?

This is a common hesitation when considering attending a group environment. At Rise & Thrive we promote emotional expression and believe this is an indication that your problems are important to you. The content we cover can be triggering in different ways for different people, everyone is allowed to have their moment, this is handled with sensitivity and if you feel more comfortable you can excuse yourself, have a drink, then re-join the group. We do not push for more explanation of your experience; you do not have to explain yourself. 

What qualifications are held by the facilitators?

Jackie is a Registered Psychologist and Kat is an Educator (registered teacher). Together we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are also both mums who have experienced first-hand the challenges of motherhood. For more information about us please visit our about page here

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