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Managing Big Emotions

Parenting young children is emotionally taxing. If you are a mum of a toddler, or two or three you will be faced with lots of big emotions all day every day. It can be distressing and overwhelming to watch your child struggle with their emotions (fear, disappointment, anger, sadness, worry, frustration). But you can learn strategies to help them navigate these big emotions while maintaining your own sense of coping. 

Join us for this 3-part series and you will learn to recognise when your stress response has been activated, we teach practical short term in the moment strategies you can practice to give yourself time to respond and take action to help support your child when they are struggling with their big emotions. 

Week 1: Understanding Co-Regulation and Self-Regulation

Young children often have difficulty self-regulating, particularly in the face of big emotions (fear, worry, disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness). In the face of big emotions our children need our help to co-regulate while they are learning to self-regulate to help them navigate and cope when things are hard. This session is facilitated over 1 hour you will learn 5 steps to support, coach and model for your child how to express and regulate their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

Week 2: Understanding Distress

We understand that sometimes life throws us multiple curve balls and while juggling all the things we can find ourselves teary and overwhelmed. Faciliated over 1 hour, in this session you will learn to identify when your stress response fight/flight/freeze/fawn has been activated. We will teach you practical tools to de-escalate and take action to help manage the situation. 

Week 3: Understanding Anger

It is normal to experience feelings of irritability, anger, frustration or annoyance when in the daily grind of parenting young children. You or your child may have a short fuse, with explosive anger that feels out of control. Facilitated over 1 hour, in this session you will learn to understand what is fuelling your anger and how to cope in the moment to help defuse the situation. 

We acknowledge that discussing anger can be confronting and triggering therefore we aim to offer a non-judgemental space to talk about anger to increase awareness and provide actionable steps you can take today to manage anger in a constructive way.  

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