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Virtual Workshops


At Rise & Thrive we offer a range of workshops to suit your needs. In a nurturing environment we teach you skills and strategies to reconnect with yourself to improve your emotional wellbeing. We teach research-based strategies and provide actionable steps to make positive changes in your life today. Whether you are looking to manage big emotions, set and work towards a goal or rediscover your identify after motherhood Rise & Thrive have you covered.


If you are the mum of a toddler you will no doubt be faced with lots of big emotions every day, multiple times a day! Parenting young children is emotionally taxing and sometimes it is hard to know how to support your child as they navigate their big emotions. If you feel like you are facing tantrum after tantrum and meltdown after meltdown with no time to come up for air, join us for this 3-part series where we look at anger, distress and overwhelm.

Each session is facilitated over 1 hour and you will learn to understand what is fuelling your anger and know when your stress response has been activated. We teach in the moment strategies you can practice to give yourself time to respond and take action to help support your child when they are struggling with their big emotions. 


We believe that all mothers should be given the opportunity to thrive in their role as a mother and not at the expense of their personal identity.  In a nurturing environment we teach you skills and strategies to reconnect with yourself to increase your confidence in your role as a mother, bring clarity to your decision making, and promote calmness within yourself.  Over 6 weeks you will learn skills such as grounding, mindfulness, journaling and self-reflection to promote emotional wellbeing. 

Each session is 2 hours in duration.

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